Ultima-DSIP 2mg
Ultima Pharmaceuticals

Ultima-DSIP 2mg

Active Substance Delta sleep-inducing peptide
Packs 1 vial x 2 mg

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DSIP is a neuropeptide, meaning that its mechanism of action rests largely within the brain. However, the exact way that DSIP interacts with the brain is not fully understood. Despite the current ambiguities in understanding DSIP, there is some evidence suggesting that it is but one component of a larger humoral and hormonal process within the body, regulating sleep, immune response, and pain.

Scientific Studies

Studies on the effects of DSIP have shown some correlation between its use and induced sleep. In studies on both animals and humans, there have been some indications of its sleep-promoting efficacy. When administered throughout the day, subjective increases in the need to sleep were reported. Additionally, when administered to subjects suffering from alcohol and opioid withdrawals, many described most symptoms ceasing.