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Active Substance Test Enanthate
Packs 10 ml (250mg/ml)

Testosterone enanthate is synthetic testosterone with the enanthate ester bound to it. Due to its derivative form, it possesses extended half life of 10 days, unlike single test, finished up within 2 days. Enanthic(heptanoic) acid binds to testosterone and becomes an obstacle for the body enzymes to metabolize testosterone fast.

Test enanthate is originally used to cure lack or absence of natural testosterone. Hence, cases in which hypothalamus, pituitary gland or gonads are unable to produce enough testosterone, i.e. Hypogonadism, andropause, delayed puberty.

When a healthy person consumes test enanthate, it eases the process of gaining muscles and loosing fat.

Specific traits among other tests

Occasionally, the difference between testosterone enanthate and cypionate is analyzed. People believe in wide-spread factoids considering cypionate`s efficacy compared to enanthate. Let us cover this theme.

Since test enanthate has a 7 carbon ester chain and cypionate has an 8 carbon chain, cypionate has longer half life than enanthate. But still, they are equal in practice and one can be replaced by another within one cycle, retaining the desirable outcome.

Mechanism of action

Ultima-Enan is absorbed slowly. It binds to a testosterone-estradiol globulin of the body. For the time, dependent on the initial levels of testosterone, it will increase free testosterone quantity.

The androgenic activity of testosterone depends on reduction to dihydrotestosterone since DHT binds to cytosol receptor proteins.


Synthetic testosterone is known as the most secure supplement since it accurately fits the body natural hormones. Anabolic androgenic hormones, by contrast, do not exist naturally in the body. AAHs can elevate testosterone to unhuman levels, while synthetic testosterone is relatively mild, and keeps our natural testosterone optimal levels. Therefore, no extra harm is expected.

Injectable Ultima-Enan acts rapidly as it impacts blood directly, and this effect lasts for a long time.

Testosterone provides you increased libido, elevated endurance and stamina, fast recovery after trainings, accelerated muscle growth and fat loss.

Besides, it keeps you confident and competitive, minimizes anxiety and risk of depression.

Testosterone protects your heart and lowers risk of diabetes.

Noteworthy, it possesses limited number of side effects when taken recommended dosages.

Ultima-Enan is adaptable to many purposes, and can be referred to as truly versatile.


Testosterone is an intramuscular supplement. It requires 21- or 23-gauge needle of 1 ½ inches. Check needles are sterile and leave the needle`s tip untouched while taking the ester. The injection site should be prepared: all the muscles relaxed, put a preptic swab aforetime.

The typical injection site is the medius gluteus muscle. Take care of sciatic nerve which is placed nearby this muscle. It should not be touched in order not to endure appalling pain, though safe and short-term.

The solution should be injected in small amounts, step by step, in order to let it disperse.

Dosages and Cycles

Optimal bulking cycle duration and dosage for a newbie of test enanthate are 10-12 weeks running 500 mg per week.

Advanced users may take up to 750mg per week in a 10-12-week cycle. After such long-term and heavy dosages, a PCT for 3-4 weeks is required.

Cutting cycles are the same for both beginners and professional sportsmen: 250mg every other day within 8-10 weeks.

Stacking options

Testosterone has a wide range of stacking options. During anabolic cycle it is common to stack enanthate with Deca-Durabolin or Arimidex with 200mg per week and 0.5mg every other day respectively.

When performing the cutting cycle, staking options include Winstrol, Equipoise, Trenbolone, HGH etc.

Side Effects

Typical adverse side effect of test enanthate in men is gynecomastia. It may be prevented by strict dose control, discontinue of the drug if needed and stacking test with any SERM, such as Nolvadex, Clomid or Femara.

Some other SDs in males are excessive frequency and duration of erections and oligospermia when injected continuously in large dosages. Several side effects which enanthate has in common with all the test are male pattern baldness, hirsutism (excessive body hair growth), nausea, libido instabilities, headache, anxiety, acne.

Some SDs that are unique for test enanthate are cholestatic jaundice and increased serum cholesterol. However, they are rare.

When injected without required accuracy or sterilization, pain at injection site may appear.


PCT is essential at any cycle. Even when anabolic is taken in small amounts, PCT should not be neglected. Take Nolvadex 40mg or Clomid 50mg.
Interactions with other medicals

Ultima-Enan should not be taken with anticoagulants, antidiabetic drugs, oxyphenbutazone, insulin, ACTH and corticosteroids. Their interactions may lead to adverse complications.


If you have any bone diseases, Ultima-Enan may stimulate further undesirable progress to osteoporosis. If you observe hypercalcemia during use, discontinue the drug.

Total unhealthfulness may occur during prolonged usage of test enanthate or if injected in large quantities. It may cause pelisses hepatis and hepatic neoplasms. It is a relatively rare case, but we have to inform you about any SDs.

For women it is recommended avoid use of such strong androgen, as it stimulates multiple virilization side effects, such as hirsutism, acne, clitoromegaly (abnormal enlargement of clitoris), menstrual irregularities and deepening of the voice. In comparison, testosterone esters cause the most conspicuous virilization side effects.


Ultima-Enan is not recommended in cases when a person experience high cholesterol, diabetes, chronic heart failure, liver problems, enlarged prostate, excessive water retention, kidney dysfunction, allergy to enanthate.

Note that extra consultation with your health provider is required.