Ultima Pharmaceuticals


Active Substance Test Propionate
Packs 10 ml (100mg/ml)

Testosterone propionate is an ester testosterone compound with a propionate substitution in 17-beta position. Test prop is an oil-based injectable, which makes it

How it differs from test suspension, test cypionate or test sustention

There are many esters of testosterone available on the market: Testosterone propionate, Testosterone Enanthate, Testosterone Cypionat, Test suspension and even test mix.

The main characteristics of Test Prop are shorter half-life than in other test steroids. It also acts slower than other tests, therefore, you need less time to run it to get results.


It promotes many changes in the body: from enhanced libido, elevated energy and strengthened immunity to increased fat loss, boosted lean muscles. It effectively promotes muscle repair and immense increase in strength.

It even carries some satisfying benefits like preventing Osteoporosis by strengthening bones and preserving heart health.

It is the best injectable both for cutting and pumping.

Another additional property of test prop is that it does not elevate testosterone levels far above the normal. Test levels stick to the highest point of normal.

Finally, the result you are highly interested in – it rapidly makes you ripped and massive. It is the most favorable muscle booster during anabolic cycle. Unlike other injectable testosterone, propionate does not produce water retention and gives faster results.

Still, the use of intramuscular testosterone is twofold. In accordance with the studies, a dose of 600mg per week promotes exceptional results in muscle growth (15%of pure lean muscle gain from 5 months of usage), but the same high dosages may lead to aromatization and decreased HDL cholesterol.

Therefore, the higher the dose, the greater the effect, meanwhile, the higher it is, the greater is the probability of side effects. Nevertheless, we assure you that its SDs are comparatively less adverse than some of other oral and injectable steroids.

Mechanism of action

Ultima-Prop binds to the androgen receptors and activates them causing muscle gain and fat loss.

It affects adipose tissue by binding to AR, and prevents new fat cells formation. It contributes to nutrient portioning, eases direct shuttle of protein into the muscle tissue.

Instruction: how to use injectable testosterone

If you are experienced in oral steroids usage, and injections turn to be a novelty for you, we provide you some directions.

According to its relatively short half-life, it should be used every other day.

Since it is an oil-based injection, the thicker and longer needle is needed to inject it in the muscle. The most applicable needle is of 21-gauge 1 ½ inch, or you may use a 23 gauge 1 ½ needle as an alternative.

There are several muscles you may inject test into. The majority chooses gluteus muscles, though. Precisely, to the gluteus medius. While injecting, you should keep the gluteal muscles relaxed.

There is one significant obstacle if you have to inject it by yourself. Nearby this muscle there is the sciatic nerve, which you should not harm. Otherwise you will experience extra pain. Though it will not lead to some short- or long-term harm, that`s quite unpleasant.

Check needles are sterile before injecting. The needle tip should stay untouched to avoid its blunting. It is even better not to pierce the seal by the needle, as it will save you from probable painful injecting. Always put a preptic swab at the injection site aforetime injecting.

Mind to inject slowly and gently not to harm adjoining tissue, let the oil or solution disperse. Otherwise uncareful injection may cause lumps of unabsorbed oil. Persistently inject 1 ml of solution every 5-10 seconds.

That may sound complicated, but practice makes perfect. If done with prescribed accuracy, no harm will be done.


It is common to use 5ml injection. This dosage is preferred by the majority. No wonder, larder injections are accessible. However, for a newbie half of the syringe will be fine. It is wise to use a syringe that gives about 1ml leeway.

Test Prop Cycles

Test Prop cycle takes up to 12 weeks.

If you are a beginner, 100mg every other day with no changes in dosage throughout the whole cycle will be your choice. A common dosage for a professional is 200mg every other day.

Staking options

It is usually stacked with Dianabol, Anadrol and Anabol. 30mg per day of any will be suitable for a beginner. 50mg per day is proper for a usual building cycle.

Post cycle therapy

PCT is recommended after any cycle. Clomid or Nolvadex are typical tools to recover suppressed testosterone and evade further aromatization.

Side Effects

Test prop promotes high aromatization, as any testosterone does. It also suppresses your natural testosterone. Consequently, testosterone use requires careful measurement of dosage. The higher the dosage the more conversion of
testosterone to estrogen is attainable.

It also may convert to dihydrotestosterone, which cause some androgenic side effects, such as hair loss, acne, oily skin, elevated sex drive and aggression.