Ultima Pharmaceuticals


Active Substance Stanozolol Injection
Packs 10 ml (50mg/ml)

Winstrol, also known as Stanozolol or winny, is a perfect fat burner and muscle enhancer. It is a DHT derived anabolic androgenic hormone, which relates to C17-alpha alkylated anabolic steroids.
It belongs to a group of heterocyclic steroids. Originally carbon atoms were substituted in Ultima-Win with non-carbon atoms.


It is highly anabolic and mildly androgenic steroid, both advantageous to use for gaining lean mass and fat burning. It is widely introduced as an efficient performance enhancement anabolic.

Ultima-Win is able to decrease Sex-Hormone-Binding-Globulin, which causes increase in free testosterone. Free T is utilized by body to build muscles, often the power of free testosterone is used to cure low T.

Ultima-Win stimulates protein synthesis, increases red blood cell count, and inhibits glucorticoid hormones. Under such conditions, you will get more energy, as red blood cells deliver oxygen throughout body.

It is an authentical tool in cutting cycles. Not only fat-burning means, but also an effective nitrogen retention provider. Nitrogen retention is a source of muscle protection while cutting.

Ultima-Win is exceptionally secure in terms of liver and kidney side effects.

Ultima-Win is a progressive DHT derivative since it cannot bind with the aromatase enzyme, so that it never will be converted to estrogen.


To utilize Wdrol for fat loss and cutting cycle, Ultima-Win is often staked with supplements that provide similar effects, for instance, Testosterone or Trenbolone.

General recommendations for men are 50-100 mg every day. Its cycle should not be too prolonged and its dosage does not presuppose growth, as rises in dosages do not provide any more effect, and high dosages might be extremely dangerous.

Ultima-Win intake is recommended for no longer than 8 weeks.

Shipped in tablets 10mg in each, it fits to different intake regimes.

Half-life of Ultima-Win is approximately 9 hours if taken as a tablet, and 24 hours if taken as an injection. It carries anabolic rating of 320 and androgenic rating of 30.

Side effects

Ultima-Win side effects are exceptionally mild (nausea, vomiting) if you do not have some health conditions.

If overdosed or used permanently in high dosages, that may lead to such side effects as priapism, changes in libido, tumor, liver problems, hepatocellular carcinoma, hypercalcemia etc.

It is unable to cause any estrogen-related side effects in proper dosages.

Stacking options

Ultima-Win's most illustrious combinations are with other C17-aa steroids, such as Anadrol, Diandrobol, Anavar, and Trenbolone, or with supplements like Clenbuterol.


Specific heart conditions. We highly recommend to consult a specialist to reveal any health problems that may be an obstacle to using steroids.

If taken without checking, that may lead to severe cardiovascular side effects.